Why Your Root Canal Can Potentially Fail

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Do you need to have a root canal performed on one of your teeth? While this procedure typically goes very smoothly, there is a small possibility that it will fail. Here are some of those reasons so that you can be aware of them.  Bacteria In The Canal  It is crucial that the dentist gets rid of all the bacteria that is within the tooth as they are cleaning it out.

25 April 2022

Everything To Know About An Infected Tooth

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Your teeth are incredibly important. Not only do they help you break up food, but they also help you speak. Many people struggle with tooth decay, but in some cases, decay can lead to an infection. If you would like to know more about infected teeth and teeth abscesses, keep reading. What Causes an Infected Tooth? A tooth becomes infected when bacteria reaches the tooth's pulp, and this can happen in more than one way.

16 March 2022

Assumptions You May Want to Avoid Making About Orthodontic Treatments

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Orthodontic treatments can be an effective option for correcting alignment and spacing issues with your teeth. While these treatments are not particularly new, there are many assumptions that people will often make in regards to these treatment options that can interfere with their ability to effectively assess this option. Assumption: Every Dentist Can Provide Orthodontic Treatments An especially common assumption about orthodontic treatments is that this is a procedure that any dentist will be able to perform for their patients.

2 February 2022