3 Different Procedures That Can Repair And Reconstruct Your Facial Features After An Accident

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Unfortunately many people are involved in car accidents, fires, animal attacks, and other accidents that may leave their face damaged and deformed. While these people may initially feel that hope is lost, this isn’t the case at all. With the help of several different medical professionals, amazing surgeries and procedures can be performed that will make this person’s face look whole once again. This article will discuss 3 different procedures that can repair and reconstruct your facial features if you have gone through an accident...

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Why You Should Opt For Dental Implants

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Do you have a missing tooth or two? Maybe you have a tooth that is in such bad shape that your dentist has already told you that there is not much left that can be done for it other than to pull it out of your mouth. Either way, your dentist might have mentioned getting a dental implant. If you are still on the fence about this, you might want to learn about the various benefits that would come from getting a dental implant, as this will help you with the decision making process. Permanent Solution If you have a tooth that is barely there and...

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Think You Have A Fractured Tooth? Here Are The Types You Might Have

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Having a fractured tooth is not as rare as you might think. Of course, some fractures are obvious. But, if you’ve had some sort of accident and you don’t see a crack or break, but still feel pain, you may have a fracture. This guide explains what the types of tooth fractures are: Oblique Supragingival Fracture If you bite down too hard on something and feel persistent pain, your dentist will look for an oblique supragingival fracture. The pain associated with this fracture subsides when the fractured part of the tooth breaks off....

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