Why Your Root Canal Can Potentially Fail

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Do you need to have a root canal performed on one of your teeth? While this procedure typically goes very smoothly, there is a small possibility that it will fail. Here are some of those reasons so that you can be aware of them. 

Bacteria In The Canal 

It is crucial that the dentist gets rid of all the bacteria that is within the tooth as they are cleaning it out. If there is bacteria still in the tooth, it can continue to grow and cause you to experience pain. You would then need to have the tooth treated again to get rid of the bacteria and stop the tooth's structure from deteriorating. 

Improper Sealing Of The Canal

The canals of the tooth are supposed to be sealed all the way to the end of the root. However, it's possible that the material used to seal the root didn't make it all the way down to the end of the root. This can cause bacteria to grow within that space and be problematic later on. 

Overfilled Canals

If the filling material used to seal the tooth overextends the canal, it can cause a patient to experience pain in the tooth over time. A root canal should never cause someone to experience pain once it is finished and all of the abscesses have been drained from the tooth. If you are experiencing pain in the tooth, return to the dentist to have an x-ray taken of the tooth. They can actually see what is happening under your gums and if the canal is overfilled.

Unfilled Canals

Another possibility is that the dentist misses a canal of the tooth, which causes the tooth to remain active and causes discomfort after the root canal. All of the pulp needs to be completely removed for you to no longer experience pain. This includes the small accessory canals within the tooth since they can cause you to experience pain later on.

Access Cavity Design Issues

The design of the access cavity is very important to the success of a root canal since it can lead to sealant leaking from the tooth. Eventually, you will have microbial growth in the tooth because it is not sealed completely.

Tooth Fracture

The dentist also needs to be careful when they are removing the pulp from the tooth, because it can cause the tooth to fracture. This may lead to the tooth needing to be removed and replaced with an implant or dental bridge. 

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25 April 2022

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