6 Things To Know About Dental Implants

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Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace your missing teeth. If you have teeth you need to be pulled out, then they can be extracted and then replaced with dental implants as well. If you're still in the midst of deciding if you want to go with dental implants, then this guide on them can help. It will go over 6 benefits that dental implants offer, which may help you understand why this would be such a good way for you to go. 

1: Dental implants look and feel natural

While there are other ways to replace missing teeth, most of them don't look and feel natural. The reason why dental implants do is because they consist of a crown, an abutment, and the implant. These three parts come together to offer a crown that's been color matched to look like one of your own teeth, an implant that's fused into your jawbone, and the abutment that connects them. 

2: They are durable

The design of dental implants causes them to be very durable. This allows you to eat the same foods you would with your natural teeth and not be overly concerned about them breaking. 

3: Dental implants are easy to care for

Since dental implants are designed so closely to how y our natural teeth are, it allows you to care for them the same way you do your own teeth. This is convenient and won't cost you any more money on dental care products. 

4: They will help preserve the integrity of your jawbone

When you are missing teeth, it can cause your jawbone to deteriorate. Having dental implants installed will help to keep your jawbone strong, which is good for the future of your other teeth, as well as other reasons. 

5: Improve your speech

Tooth loss can affect the way you speak. Also, having certain types of tooth replacement appliances in place can cause you to have a bit of a speech issue. However, getting dental implants allows you to speak just as you would if you had all your natural teeth still. 

6: Have a smile that you are proud of

When you are missing one or more of your teeth, it can cause you to feel self-conscious about the way your smile looks. Getting dental implants can help to give you back some of your confidence each time you smile.

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24 October 2022

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The average dentist takes many client appointments each day and also deals with emergency situations on a regular basis. Dental emergencies are very common because people are likely to put off having tooth pain fixed until the pain becomes unbearable. Some people have anxiety about dental visits, and others are trying to avoid the expense of dental care. In either case, the end result is often a dental emergency. I have worked as a professional dental hygienist for many years and have seen all types of dental emergencies. I hope that this blog will help people identify potential emergencies before they become too serious and will allow people to know when to get help.