Three Tactics To Improve The Ease Of Your Child's Dental Visits

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Children should visit their pediatric dentist for a checkup every six months for optimal oral health. For many children, these appointments can be seamless; your child can enjoy the experience and take pride in having a healthy smile. For others, however, the process isn't always a breeze. Some children are anxious about visiting the dentist, which can make the buildup to the checkup and the appointment itself challenging for everyone involved. Although your kids dentist will do his or her best to keep your child calm and content during the appointment, there are things that you can do before the day in question to improve the ease of the experience.

16 December 2015

The Advantages and Disadvantages of CEREC Crowns

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If you have significant tooth decay, you may need to get a dental crown. This is typically a two step process if you go the traditional route. However, due to the latest technology in dentistry, you can now get a crown done in only one visit to the dentist. This type of crown is referred to as a CEREC crown, and if you're considering this procedure, you will want to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

27 November 2015

4 Things Chemotherapy Patients Need To Know About Tongue Hyperpigmentation

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Chemotherapy can cause a wide range of unpleasant side effects. Some of them, like hair loss, are very well known, while other side effects may surprise you. One possible side effect of chemotherapy that you likely were not warned about is tongue hyperpigmentation. Here are four things you need to know about this lesser-known side effect. What are the signs of tongue hyperpigmentation? If you develop tongue hyperpigmentation, you will notice that you have brown or black discolored patches on the surface of your tongue.

9 November 2015

5 Ways To Curb Bad Breath Naturally

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If you find that you are suffering from bad breath and you want to try natural methods to curb it. There are a few things you can do to quickly reduce or eliminate bad breath. Here are five ways you can easily get rid of bad breath naturally.  Water If your mouth gets dry then it can become a haven for bacteria. One of the fastest ways to dislodge some of this bacteria is to put some water into your mouth and wash it out.

21 October 2015

3 Alternative Ways To Clean Your Tongue When Brushing It Sets Off Your Gag Reflex

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Having a clean mouth that is not a haven for bacteria includes not only having clean teeth and gums, but also a clean tongue. While many people simply brush their tongues with their regular toothbrush and paste after brushing their teeth, this can be difficult if you have a sensitive gag reflex like 10 to 15-percent of adults do. Don't worry, because you can still clean your tongue without gagging when you try one of these alternative tongue-cleaning techniques.

6 October 2015

Toothy Tidbits: Oral Hygiene Facts & Tips

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Most people know that the most effective way to have healthy teeth and pleasant breath is to execute oral hygiene on a daily basis. A yearly trip to the dentist is another way to ensure that your teeth aren't pitted with cavities and other scary issues. A lot of what we know about oral hygiene came about by necessity, and other tips evolved due to increased knowledge and improved technology.

16 September 2015

4 Things You May Be Doing During Your Toothbrushing Routine That Aren't Good For Your Teeth

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Like most adults, you have been brushing your teeth for many years and have gotten into a routine that you don't think much about. Because you have a routine, you may not notice that you're making some brushing mistakes that might cause problems for your dental health. Here are some things you may be doing that you should reconsider. Using A Toothbrush with Firm Bristles You may think that it doesn't really matter what kind of toothbrush you buy.

26 August 2015

Frequently Asked Questions About Retainers

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In a way, retainers are like the baby versions of braces. If your orthodontist has recommended that you wear a retainer, you may have many questions about to expect from the experience. These answers to commonly asked questions can help you better understand what a retainer is and why you might need one.  Q: What is a retainer?  A: A retainer is a custom-made mouthpiece fits in the roof of the mouth and includes a wire that fits around the front of the teeth.

7 August 2015

Hate The Gap In Your Front Teeth? Cosmetic Procedures That Can Give You The Smile You Want

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Having a gap in your front teeth gives you a unique smile that you can love. If you hate the gap you own, however, you may want to consider any of these cosmetic procedures. With cosmetic dentistry you can have the smile you've always wanted, and finally be gap-free! Composite bonding  If the gap in your teeth is small, you may want to consider composite bonding to make the space less noticeable.

23 July 2015

Could Chocolate Really Be Better Than Fluoride?

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In recent years, the dental industry has begun to pay a lot of attention to a chemical present in chocolate, theobromine, which has properties that could make it a possible substitute for traditional sodium fluoride or stannous fluoride in toothpastes. However, before you toss out your regular toothpaste and start brushing with some chocolate syrup, you should understand where the science comes from and how the two are being compared.

30 June 2015