5 Ways To Curb Bad Breath Naturally

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If you find that you are suffering from bad breath and you want to try natural methods to curb it. There are a few things you can do to quickly reduce or eliminate bad breath. Here are five ways you can easily get rid of bad breath naturally. 


If your mouth gets dry then it can become a haven for bacteria. One of the fastest ways to dislodge some of this bacteria is to put some water into your mouth and wash it out. While it won't completely eliminate bad breath it will go a long way in making your breath smell better.

Get An Orange

If you can get an orange then you should peel it and eat it. The citric acid in the orange will stimulate your salivary glands. When your salivary glands are stimulated then saliva will start flowing through your mouth. However, if no oranges are available you should still try to eat something, since eating will also cause saliva to flow and relieve bad breath.

Chew On Cloves

Cloves are great for curbing bad breath. In order to make use of them just pop one into your mouth and bite down to release the clove's oil into your mouth. Keep moving the clove around in your mouth so that the oil can permeate through your mouth. The secret to the effectiveness of cloves in curing bad breath is that they contain eugenol and eugenol has anti-bacterial properties.

Suck On A Cinnamon Stick

If you have cinnamon sticks at home you can break off a piece and chew on it to relieve bad breath. Cinnamon sticks have antiseptic properties and will kill a lot of bacteria in your mouth on contact.

Create A Tongue Scraper

Over time your tongue can accumulate a lot of bacteria and this can lead to bad breath, so in addition to brushing your tongue regularly it is always good to practice tongue scraping.You can use a metal or plastic spoon to create a tongue scraper, if you do have not have a commercially manufactured one readily available. Scrape your tongue by placing the spoon on the back of your tongue and pulling it forward. You can repeat this process four times. 

Preventing bad breath the natural way requires that you know and try out different methods to see which one works best for you. Once you discover what is right for you it should be easy for you to maintain fresh breath at all times. 

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21 October 2015

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