The Advantages and Disadvantages of CEREC Crowns

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If you have significant tooth decay, you may need to get a dental crown. This is typically a two step process if you go the traditional route. However, due to the latest technology in dentistry, you can now get a crown done in only one visit to the dentist. This type of crown is referred to as a CEREC crown, and if you're considering this procedure, you will want to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

The Advantages

One of the pros of getting a CEREC crown is you will save time by only having to make one dental visit. There are other advantages of getting this type of crown, and these are listed below:

1.    Temporary crown – It's not necessary to have a temporary crown put in place, and this can make this process much more comfortable. The challenges of keeping this material over the tooth and not chewing on it can be significant.

2.    No metal – CEREC crowns don't contain any metal at all, and many of the traditional crowns do. This makes choosing a crown of this type much more aesthetically pleasing.

3.    Porcelain - This material is made out of porcelain, and this is much more attractive to most people than anagram or gold crowns.

4.    Durability – CEREC may last a lifetime in many cases. However, it's common for your dental provider to guarantee this type of crown for at least ten years.

The Disadvantages

There are a few cons to getting a CEREC crown and one of these for some people is the newness of it and simply being more comfortable with the traditional crown.

Listed below are some disadvantages to consider:

1.    Coordinating color – If you have a front tooth that needs a crown, it may be difficult to match precisely the color of CEREC with your existing teeth. This is because this material is milled from only one block of ceramic.

2.    Specialized dentist – You will need to search for a dentist who has the necessary training in CEREC crowns to be able to get this type. Many dentists do not have the skill or offer type of crown at all.

Being able to restore any of your damaged teeth is important for good dental health. If you're considering a CEREC crown, be sure to look for a specialist in this area to have success.


27 November 2015

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