Reasons A Dental Implant Can Improve Your Life

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When a tooth breaks or becomes loose, it is only a matter of time before the entire tooth is in jeopardy of permanent, irreversible damage. If there is a dental emergency, you should see your dentist immediately. If you are facing a missing tooth, or haven't been able to see a dentist in recent years, it's never too late to restore your smile. Here are just a few ways a new tooth or teeth can improve your life. 

Boost Appearance

A missing tooth in the front of your mouth can be very embarrassing. It takes a hit to your self-esteem and can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. The good news is, with a dental implant, you can restore your smile and take control of how you look. 

Dental implants are custom-sized teeth generally made from titanium or other solid materials. They are permanently affixed inside your jawbone and gums to provide a secure and sturdy replacement for your real tooth. You can have one implant or replace all the teeth in your mouth. They are an alternative solution to a bridge or dentures and help improve the integrity of your mouth. 

Improves Chewing Ability

Aside from having the appearance of a restored smile, being able to eat your favorite foods again is a top reason to choose an implant. No longer do you have to avoid foods like corn on the cob or a slab of ribs because your teeth can handle it. No more eating on just one side of your mouth, or choosing a soft diet only. 

Dental implants are secure and sturdy, just like a natural, healthy tooth. Almost immediately, you can begin to enjoy a diet free from constrictions and not be embarrassed about what you eat. Your dentist will ensure that your oral health is well enough for the implants to line up with your other teeth to make a seamless transition. 

Prevents Further Deterioration

Over time, if tooth decay and gum disease set in, if it is not addressed, it can lead to tooth loss and jaw bone deterioration. Your jaw will appear to be sunken in and it can drastically change the look of your entire face. You can prevent that from occurring by visiting your dentist or oral surgeon. They will treat the gum disease and try to save your teeth. If they can't, they will recommend dentures or implants to take the place of the decayed teeth. 

In general, a good dental implant procedure takes time. It depends on the health of your mouth. If it is one implant due to an injury with no gum disease present, the procedure can be done all at once. If there is more advanced bone loss or gum disease, bone grafting may be involved. Talk to your dentist about your options moving forward. 

A new smile is worth its weight in gold. Talk to your dentist about dental implants and see if they can help improve your lifestyle from today forward. 

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5 June 2023

Emergency Dental Care

The average dentist takes many client appointments each day and also deals with emergency situations on a regular basis. Dental emergencies are very common because people are likely to put off having tooth pain fixed until the pain becomes unbearable. Some people have anxiety about dental visits, and others are trying to avoid the expense of dental care. In either case, the end result is often a dental emergency. I have worked as a professional dental hygienist for many years and have seen all types of dental emergencies. I hope that this blog will help people identify potential emergencies before they become too serious and will allow people to know when to get help.