Relying On General Dentistry Services To Maintain Your Oral Health

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Your oral health is critical to your overall well-being. You need to keep your mouth in good condition to protect other important systems in your body. To ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy, you need to seek out regular dental care. You can take advantage of what general dentistry services can offer to patients like you.

Regular Cleanings

General dentistry typically includes regular cleanings. The frequency at which you get cleanings will largely depend on the health of your teeth. If you have weak enamel and frequent cavities, you may need to get your teeth cleaned at least two times per year.

However, if you have good, strong teeth and do not imbibe in habits like eating a lot of sugar or smoking, you could get by with an annual teeth cleaning. The cleaning serves to remove viruses and bacteria deep in between your teeth. It also strengthens your gums and can include a fluoride treatment to keep infectious agents away from your teeth.

Timely Fillings

The general dentistry services that you get for your teeth can also include timely fillings. You do not want to let a cavity linger in your mouth. It can invite in infections that can get below your gum line and into your gums. 

By having the cavities filled, you can avoid serious infections like abscesses. You also avoid having to get teeth pulled or undergoing a root canal to get rid of infection in your tooth roots. You can keep your mouth intact and do not have to deal with capped or missing teeth.

Yearly X-Rays

Finally, your general dentistry services may include getting your teeth x-rayed. Your dentist may use x-rays of your mouth to find out if you have any serious infections below your gums. The x-rays also pinpoint any teeth that are growing in wrong or have the capability of breaking or causing you pain.

The dentist may also use x-rays to determine if the health of your mouth is improving. He or she can formulate a treatment plan based on what the x-rays show.

These services are some that are included with general dentistry. The care that you get can include regular inspections and cleanings to remove germs and infections from your mouth. You can also get any cavities filled to help you avoid having to get teeth capped or removed. Finally, your dentist may order yearly x-rays.


10 December 2020

Emergency Dental Care

The average dentist takes many client appointments each day and also deals with emergency situations on a regular basis. Dental emergencies are very common because people are likely to put off having tooth pain fixed until the pain becomes unbearable. Some people have anxiety about dental visits, and others are trying to avoid the expense of dental care. In either case, the end result is often a dental emergency. I have worked as a professional dental hygienist for many years and have seen all types of dental emergencies. I hope that this blog will help people identify potential emergencies before they become too serious and will allow people to know when to get help.