Here's Why Invisible Braces Leave Your Teeth Sparkling, Not Stained

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Traditional braces can cause some significant issues with teeth. While they do a great job of straightening them, anything but the most perfect of dental hygiene can leave you with unwanted white stains and discolorations on your teeth once those braces come off. This isn't an issue with invisible braces. Here's why your teeth will likely emerge from invisible braces looking perfect, rather than stained.


When you eat with traditional braces, they stay on your teeth. This limits what you can eat, but it's also a key component to why your teeth can become stained with traditional braces. Food and plaque can accumulate on the brackets that hold the braces onto your teeth. Over time, that build-up can wear away at teeth resulting in a stain.

When you eat with invisible braces, you take the braces off first. This means that you're essentially just eating like you normally would, with nothing unusual attached to your teeth. Once you're done, you can put your invisible braces back on. In this way, you can expect that your invisible braces won't stain your teeth. 


Invisible braces actually provide a layer of protection for your teeth, rather than potentially making the situation worse.

Invisible braces cover the entire tooth, from the very back to the very front. This means that when you drink through the day, fluids aren't easily going to come into direct contact with your teeth. This can limit your exposure to things like tannins in coffee and tea, and helps to avoid having acid come into contact with your teeth, too. This means that you may come out of having your invisible braces with healthier-looking teeth than when you started.

Change in Hygiene Habits

Finally, some people notice that their eating and dental hygiene habits change when they get invisible braces.

When you eat, you should at least rinse your teeth and preferably brush them before putting your invisible braces back on. While it's typically advised for people to brush after every meal, most people don't do it. However, when you start keeping this habit while having invisible braces, it can lead to you having a healthier and whiter-looking smile as a result.

Invisible braces offer lots of benefits to your smile, including potentially making your teeth healthier and looking whiter than when you started out. With adequate dental hygiene and regular visits to your dentist's office, you can ensure that your teeth look as vibrant and sparkling as you want once your braces treatment is complete, rather than stained and in need of cosmetic improvements like they can with traditional braces.

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11 September 2019

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