Three Things You Should Do Before You Have Your Teeth Whitened

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Teeth whitening by a dentist guarantees you one thing; your teeth will be noticeably whiter than they are with store-bought teeth whitening kits. However, there are some things that this cosmetic process does not guarantee. You will need to prepare for your professional whitening by doing these three things first.

Remove Silver Amalgam and Replace with Tooth-Colored Amalgam

Teeth whitening procedures do not whiten the dark areas of your teeth that are affected by silver amalgam. If you want whiter teeth because you can see the amalgam through several of your teeth, you should first remove the silver amalgam and have it replaced with tooth-colored amalgam. Almost instantly, you will notice a difference in the dark coloration spots on these teeth. Then, when you whiten your teeth, the tooth-colored amalgam will blend right in.

Repair Broken and/or Chipped Teeth

The whole point to a perfectly white smile is, well, perfection. If you have cracked, broken, or chipped teeth, whitening them will not distract people from the fact that you have some major dental flaws in the teeth. Have your dentist repair these teeth before you have him/her whiten your teeth. Then your smile will come out looking as perfect as you had hoped and expected it would.

Match the Level of Whiteness Against Your Crowns

If you have any crowns in your mouth, you notice right away that these teeth are already much whiter than your natural teeth. They do not stain, or stain in the same way as natural teeth do. As such, you will not need to whiten them, but you should match your other teeth to the same level of whiteness as your crowns.

Then your crowns will blend in with the rest of your teeth and no one will be able to tell that you have A) crowns, and B) whitened teeth. Your dentist already has a little chart that helps him/her match tooth color and create a treatment plan for teeth whitening, so he/she only has to match your crowns against the chart and whiten your other teeth to that same color.

Want Real Perfection? Add Invisible Braces to the Whitening

Since you are already having a couple of cosmetic procedures done, why not go all out and have your teeth straightened too? Many adults are investing a lot of money in a perfect smile, and loving the results. You just have to get the other procedures and preparation steps out of the way. Then the dentist will fit you for invisible braces so that your whitening procedure still shows through while you quietly straighten your teeth.


6 June 2017

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