Get The Perfect Smile For Your Wedding With These 4 Dental Makeover Tips

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When you're planning a wedding, you want everything to be perfect, and that includes your smile. For many people, the day of their wedding is also one of their most photographed days. Wedding videos, posed photos, and candid pictures are all part of the celebration, and hopefully you'll smile through all of it! It makes sense to ensure that your smile is looking its best that day. If your teeth are less than perfect, don't worry – you can work a smile makeover into your wedding plans. Take a look at some tips for achieving the perfect wedding smile.

A Year Before Your Wedding

If your teeth are crooked, start planning early. If you have a year or more, you have enough time to have a mild overbite or uneven bite fixed before the big day. Ask your cosmetic dentist about invisible braces. The average patient wears invisible braces for about twelve months, so if you're a candidate for this type of braces, you should be ready to flash your straight, even teeth on the day of your wedding. Because the braces are invisible and removable, you can still take a great engagement photo and feel confident going about your business.

A Few Months Before Your Wedding

If you're not wearing braces, but you have uneven teeth, gaps, visible fillings, or other flaws you want to cover, you may want to consult your cosmetic dentist about veneers. Veneers are thin shells made of porcelain or resin that go over your natural teeth to give them a more uniform appearance.

Veneers require at least three appointments – one for diagnosis and planning, one for preparation, and another for the bonding. If, during the diagnostic appointment, your dentist discovers a problem like a cavity, then you will need to take the time to have that fixed before continuing with the veneer appointments. After the veneers are applied, you may need a few weeks to adjust to them. With all of that in mind, you should give the veneer process a few months before your wedding day, so you have plenty of time to handle all of it.

A Few Weeks Before Your Wedding

Maybe your teeth are in pretty good shape, you just want to brighten them up before the big day. Tooth whitening treatments are what you're looking for. There are several kinds of tooth whitening treatments, from over the counter trays to high-tech in-office lasers.

How long it takes for you to reach your desired shade of white depends largely on what type of tooth whitening treatment you opt for. Your cosmetic dentist can give you the best advice about what kind of whitening treatments are appropriate for you. Schedule the appointment for at least a few weeks before your wedding day, in case it takes several treatments to reach the right shade. Your teeth may also be sensitive after a whitening treatment, so you'll want time to recover – you don't want to have tooth pain at your reception.

Quick Fix

Chip your tooth on a wine glass at the rehearsal dinner? No problem. Your cosmetic dentist can take care of that with cosmetic bonding, a quick and easy solution to small imperfections. Cosmetic bonding involves applying custom-shaped tooth-colored composite to the affected part of your tooth. It can fix minor damage in a single appointment.

Even if your teeth are perfect, you may want to consider a good cleaning and polishing shortly before your wedding day. You'll have every reason to smile, so let your dentist help you have the brightest smile possible. To learn more, visit a website like


31 March 2016

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