Brace Yourself: There Are Some Fun Things To Know About Braces!

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Getting braces can be a stressful time, especially if you are a person who tends to have a bit of a fear of having dental procedures done. You can lighten the mood and get your mind on the lighter side of getting braces by learning some fun and/or interesting things about braces. Here are some entertaining facts about braces for you to enjoy:

Braces are nothing new

While you may know that braces have been around for generations, you may not realize just how far back they really go. There have been accounts of mummies being found having metal bands on their teeth that are assumed to have been used for dental corrections. When speaking of modern braces, most of the credit goes to Dr. Pierre Fauchard who made braces using thread and flat strips of metal in 1728.

Braces used to be made of gold

In the early 1900's gold was used for the bands, wires and other parts of braces. This was due to the fact that the gold material was easier to work with, allowing the orthodontists to mold it how they needed it to in order for each piece to correctly fit each tooth. People who wore braces would have to go in often for adjustments though because the softness of the gold also meant they didn't maintain their shape for very long. During the Second World War, it was discovered that stainless steel worked better and it also made braces more affordable.

Braces actually can't get locked together

Most people have seen a movie where a couple kissing get stuck together if they are each wearing braces. If you haven't seen a movie like this, then you have more than likely at least heard jokes about it happening. The truth is, the design of braces makes this impossible and it is nothing more than a silly myth.

You aren't more likely to get struck by lightning if you have braces on

Another myth surrounding braces is the one that says a person wearing them is more likely to get struck by lightning than someone next to them not wearing braces. Also, this is not true and if you should happen to get struck by lightning while wearing braces, it is nothing more than a coincidence.

You really do need to use retainers if you want the best results

Even though the orthodontist will tell patients how important it is for them to wear their retainers, a lot of people seem to dismiss this part and it usually ends up costing them because they don't end up with the results they were hoping for and would have otherwise had.

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19 October 2017

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